Episode 71: Nikki Glaser v. DM Sliders

Nikki Glaser (comedian, “Bangin'” out now on Netflix!) gives us a glimpse into the DMs of a female celebrity, and it’s uhh….not good. We delve into the push and pull of wanting to possibly meet the right person through the DMs, while also needing to deal with the full frontal assault from everyone else, as we look at four different times dudes unsuccessfully tried to strike up a conversation. It’s another remote episode as Stefan and John are socially separated and Nikki is at home with her parents in St. Louis, so we discuss the merits of being quarantined with your partner as opposed to your parents, and Nikki ponders her potential cancellation over comments we make towards the old couple who drank aquarium cleaner and the TikTok guy who licked a toilet seat. Plus! Stefan and Nikki go in on John’s dad energy, Nikki weighs in on Stefan’s quarantine goatee, and John tells the embarrassing story of hitting on Nikki on Twitter in 2011.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed, you could tell your friends that you donate $5 a month to our Patreon at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where that donation gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every dang month! The social isolation hasn’t slowed us down either, as we have FOUR bonuses this month, a Cameo episode with Christine Bortolin, a mailbag, a video recording of the live Zoom show we did on Friday, AND John finally acquiesces to Stefan’s demands that he learn Hearthstone in another extra-special video episode. We know times are tight, but we appreciate all of your donations and we promise to keep the great content rolling over the next little while as we’re all stuck indoors. So come join us on our descent into madness!


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