Episode 69: Jaya Sundaresh v. Jon Favreau

It’s episode 69 (nice), so you know what that means: it’s one life cycle of the podcast, as Jaya Sundaresh (journalist, Jaya Time) brings it all back to where we started, by getting blocked by Pod Save America dweeb Jon Favreau. Like many before her, Jaya gained a following by dunking on him repeatedly, and we’re all too happy to set her up for the alley-oop. You may think that’s a cheap sports metaphor, but it’s apt, as we hear from a listener who got blocked by OJ Simpson, and we only talk about the virus a little bit, as Stefan reveals his new plan for content in the wake of self-isolation, and John shares what he thinks is the best tweet of the corona saga so far.

I don’t even need a fun tagline this week, because you’re indoors and you need some content! Well, we have a whole lot. Only $5/month gets you access to our ENTIRE back catalogue, for those moments when you want to avoid getting sick in public by making yourself sick at home listening to us idiots. We will also have THREE new bonus episodes this month including this week, as we do another Word Up! Cameo episode with a new feature: we can see people’s instructions for the celebs. It gets wild, and fan fave Christine Bortolin joins us to break it all down. Plus, that $5 gets you access to our Discord, the best darn community on the internet. So join us, we have lots of fun stuff waiting for you as we ride the ‘Rona together.


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