Episode 66: Doughboys v. The Hoarse Whisperer

It’s a podcasting crossover for the ages as we near the end of BP Sweeps Month, with the Doughboys themselves, Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, joining the Blocked Boys in the studio. We discuss how being friends with Jack Allison is definitely very good but also led us all to be blocked by the famous Hoarse Whisperer, one of the worst Twitter accounts known to man (or horse). The Blocked (and Dough) Boys start the episode by talking about arcade games and Pokémon, and move into a bunch of our favorite subjects, like Funko Pops, auto-texts from candidates, Julian Castro, the heinous TV show Suits, and we are forced to apologize yet again for our actions through our apology medium of choice, Joey from Joey’s World Tour.

One thing we will NOT apologize for is all the amazing bonus content we have available over at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5 a month gets you access to our entire back catalogue, gets you access to the healthiest, happiest, and most fun Discord on the internet, AND  gets you access to all of our special BP Sweeps Month bonuses. Those include an all-Cameo bonus episode with Chris Locke, a new episode of Trivia Party with Jesse Farrar, and this week, the #FunkoPopChallenge will finally meet its end, as John, Stefan, and Kevin Banner review all 37 Funko Pops John received in a very special video episode. It’s all there for you to discover! Right now! Do it!


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