Episode 64: Carlos Maza v. Comfortably Smug

BP Sweeps Month keeps bringing the heat as Carlos Maza (media critic, YouTube, Vox) learns that even if you want to win an ignominious award for being a liberal hack, you can’t stuff the ballot box, as he gets blocked by one of the worst Republicans on Twitter. Keeping Carlos updated about Cameo leads to some new insight on the dreaded website, and the Blocked Boys go in on BreadTube’s Reddit, Michael Bloomberg, our $1 million dollar Patreon goal, mustaches, and we get serious as Carlos has some thoughts on the 2020 Election. It’s not all serious though, as we end with one of the most memorable top 3s in show history as the BBs tap into their drag queen side.

If you want to create more memories with the show, you can do so by donating $5/month to https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where that $5 gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. For BP’s Sweeps Month, we are going crazy, as we’re bringing on listener favourite Chris Locke for an all-Cameo bonus episode, we’re bringing back Trivia Party with Meg Walls as Jesse tries to win back some smart points for YKS, and John finally unveils all the gifts he received as part of the #FunkoPopChallenge. Donate today and don’t miss out on a moment of the magic!


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