Episode 60: Gavin Matts v. Chris D’Elia

Gavin Matts (comedian) returns to deliver a double dose of D’Elia, though his block is a little more innocuous than Olivia Stadler’s, as he tells Chris that another comedian is better than him. That’s it. That’s the whole block. Seems a bit sensitive by Chris. Speaking of sensitive, Chris D’Elia does not appear on this podcast, so if you’re some weirdo from Norway who thinks he is and gives us a one-star review because he’s not, that’s the scoop. He’s not on the show. What you WILL find on the show is the Blocked Boys going off on clown college, the Black Forest, Tony Hawk, and Stefan reveals who he thinks the sexiest train from Thomas the Tank Engine is. Plus, you’ll find out why Gavin deleted all of his tweets, how he befriended Dan Nainan, and how he definitely remembered to prepare a Top 3.

If you want to be more prepared for this podcast, you can access all of our sweet bonus content over at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every dang month. This week, we have a very special mailbag episode where we are joined by John’s girlfriend, Becca! She does not disappoint, spilling all the beans about John and lots of BP history. That’ll come out this week and next week, we’ve got another all-Cameo bonus episode on the way with a VERY special guest, so get in while the getting is good. PLUS, we have newsletters, some upcoming video episodes, and a $50 lifetime donation gets you a FREE Blocked Party shirt!


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