Episode 59: Ellen Cushing v. Taylor Swift Fans

Ellen Cushing (The Atlantic) sparks the wrath of one of the worst online fanbases despite being a massive Taylor Swift fan herself, as the fans show Ellen no mercy for a fairly innocent Swift take, and it becomes pretty hard for her to look at her mentions and just shake it off. Ellen admits that she finds it very easy to fall into the rhythm of the show, which is to gang up on John with Stefan, and Stefan also announces his new year’s resolution: to bring back that heinous mustache. Elsewhere, the Blocked Boys talk physical fighting as they plan a potential boxing match, John describes his disdain for the name Ellen, and we learn about Billionaire Magazine, the magazine for billionaires.

If you want to feel like a billionaire without actually making a billion dollars, you can donate to the show at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month will get you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. We had a great December with the introduction of Trivia Party and the return of Ivan Decker, and January is going to be unbelievable, as we’ve got some VERY special guests lined up this month that people are going to love. Hop on in, enjoy the luxurious bonus content, access to our Discord, and knowing that you may be contributing to the Blocked Boys boxing. (say that three times fast)


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