Episode 57: Clare Belford v. Her Uncle

Clare Belford (comedian) helps us understand that the time our mom added us on Facebook really wasn’t as bad as we thought it was, because one time, her uncle added her on Instagram and it was…well, his profile was pretty horny. It’s the perfect block for the holiday season, as the Blocked Boys throw some sleigh bells on the theme song, talk about family, and call it a Christmas episode. And what an episode it is, as the BBs dive back into Canadian small towns, the history of Boston Pizza, the CBC horse-raising soap opera Heartland, the most pleasant exchange about video gaming on the internet, and John gives out his first-ever Peen Nuts business card on the air.

If you want to give a great Christmas gift this year, why not donate $5/month to the show at https://patreon.com/blockedparty where that donation will get you access to THREE bonus episodes every month. This month, we watched some crazy celebrity Cameos with Ivan Decker, played trivia with YKS’ Michael Hale, and did a mailbag where we answered a bunch of donor questions. We work really hard to bring you only the best in bonus content, and when you reach a $50 lifetime donation, we send you a shirt. Santa loves deals I think I heard in an ad, so hop on this one!


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