Episode 52: Chris Locke v. Gary Gulman

Chris Locke (comedian) becomes our first guest to return for a second regular episode, and folks, it’s a doozy. If last episode with Becca Lewis proved we were a smart podcast, we go all the way dumb on this one as Chris gets blocked by famed comedian Gary Gulman after an innocuous comment on one of his #GulManTips. Elsewhere, it’s a 5-alarm blaze as the Blocked Boys go absolutely wild on getting cut open by a whaler’s rusty fish hook, Bill Gates and The Poop Guy, mood ring toilet seats, instruments of torture, and we learn the story of how Chris got banned from Twitter.

If you want to finally catch the great white whale, you can do so at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5 a month will get you more bonus content than you can handle. This week, we are celebrating the 1-Year Anniversary of the show with new content releasing every day, from audio from our first ever BP live show to the content you’ve been waiting months for: John smoking weed for the first time. It really happened, and we filmed it, then we recorded an episode, and it’s all going to be coming out this week. It’s a big one, folks. If you ever thought you were gonna donate to the show, now’s the time.


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