Episode 50: Nick Nemeroff v. Comedy Central Commenters

Nick Nemeroff (comedian) gets very excited for his first TV appearance on Comedy Central, without considering that they have 3M Facebook followers, and they might have some opinions on his comedy that are very bad. However, Nick deals with it in the best way possible and talks about what is one of the funniest internet bits ever. Aside from that, this episode is essentially just John’s Worst Nightmare, as the rest of the episode is mainly designed to punish him. Stefan makes John watch the episode of Peep This Out! where he walks on a bridge he believes is haunted, John talks about Becca absolutely owning him with a birthday card, and Nick…well Nick doesn’t really punish him, but he’s also not Chrissy Teigen (we tried). Just a bad time for John all around, and we also learn about the guy who orgasms 100 times a day, which doesn’t make it any better.

If you’d like to feel better, you can donate to the BP Patreon at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single damn month. We’re crazy. October was a hot month as we had guests from Street Fight Radio, Truthpoint, and Welcome to Sullyville on the show, talking Cameos, The Fanatic, and answering your questions. This month, we are going to be doing some live stuff AND JOHN SMOKES WEED FOR THE FIRST TIME. It’s happening, and he’s doing it with a couple of guests who were described as “the worst possible people you could smoke weed with if it was your first time.” You won’t wanna miss it. And hey, if you hate bonus audio and don’t have the time, we also have a BP newsletter you can access for $4/month. It’s all good stuff and it’s all for you.


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