Episode 49: Chris Griffin v. A Girl He Met After a Show

Chris Griffin (comedian) joins us on the show to tell a cautionary tale: no matter how well you do at a show, and no matter how interested a woman seems, there’s always the potential for things to go sideways. And go sideways they do, as the woman pitches Chris on a weird date idea and then blocks him a day later. The Blocked Boys help Chris understand exactly what happened as they also tell tales of gender reveal disasters, the worst types of sports fans, Halloween costumes, and trips to small towns across Canada. Very specifically, Powell River, British Columbia. This episode was NOT brought to you by the Powell River Board of Tourism.

What we can bring you, however, is a fine helping of bonus content over at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month now gets you THREE beautiful bonus episodes every single month. We’ve had a big month too, as we were joined by Bryan and Brett from Street Fight Radio, Derek and dril from Truthpoint, and this week, Dan O’Sullivan returns to the show to play FMK with the Blocked Boys and John reveals a massive secret. It’s only $5 and you get lots of great bonus goodies, our undying love, and a T-Shirt once you donate $50. It’s good and you should do it.


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