Episode 43: Josiah Hughes v. Mike Bullard

Josiah Hughes (writer, blink-155 podcast) dips deep into the well of CanCon to discuss being blocked by a legendary Canadian talk show host about a matter of “chivalry”. The Blocked Boys also look at the famous episode of Open Mike where Tom Green brings a dead raccoon on air, and mix in more Canadian references than you can shake a maple leaf at. Elsewhere, the BBs get into their various experiences with liquor store bootlegging, and talk Tom DeLonge impersonators, Gronk curing his own CTE, and MuchMusic legend Ed the Sock.

If you want to help us create even more Canadian content, you can do so at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5 a month gets you full access to TWO bonus episodes every single month. This month, we welcome another Canadian on the show, Will Weldon, to talk about the time Stefan got blocked by Bill Simmons, and we have another Cameo bonus episode coming soon with two VERY special guests. AND if that isn’t enough, we also write a weekly-ish newsletter for those who don’t need any more of our Canadian accents. It’s $4 a month for those, or $8 if you want the newsies and the bonus episodes. Great deals, great times.


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