Episode 41: Guy Branum v. Antoni Porowski

One of the most requested guests in Blocked Party history, Guy Branum (comedian, author “My Life as a Goddess”) joins the show to help us learn why a man with a 6-pack should never be trusted to be a food critic. Speaking of food, John continues on his roll of terrible food critique, except this time he has to experience it live and in-person as he overhears one of the worst dinner conversations of all-time. Elsewhere, Stefan details his destruction of the Jeremy Renner app and Guy weighs in on Canadian politics, Stefan’s mustache and reveals why he had to delete Twitter this week. #boursin

If you have deleted Twitter, you may not know about our wonderful Patreon. You can find it at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5 a month gets you access to TWO brand-new bonus episodes every month. This past month, we did a mailbag and a special BOYS CHAT where Stefan and John sat down, sans guest, and rocked an episode. In September, we’ll be doing another very special Cameo episode with two VERY special guests you won’t wanna miss. So get into it! And if you hate hearing stuff, we have a weekly (ish) newsletter for $4/month with some great writing from Stefan and John. Plenty of reasons to let your favourite Blocked Boys know you love them.


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